Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Aprons for My Favorite Baristas

My family has a tradition of visiting our favorite coffee shop, Victor's Celtic Coffee Co., every weekend. My daughter rides her bike and my husband and I walk. We've been haunting Victor's since before my daughter was born and when Victor still owned the joint. Now Walter owns and runs it with his fabulous wife Joan and Joan's son Matt. Joan is like another grandmother to my daughter. There are always plenty of hugs and cheer every time we visit. In order to show our appreciation, I'm making a variety of aprons for Walter, Joan and the staff. (I hope they don't find this blog before I'm done!)

My first apron was made using Lotta Jansdotter's pattern in Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing book. I used a crazy vintage Holly Hobby fabric for one side and navy blue cotton for the other. Each side has the Holly Hobbie fabric for pockets.

For the next aprons I plan to make some changes to Lotta's pattern and to use some of the patterns I found on a Sew Mama Sew! Aprons blog post. I also have some great ideas about how to use coffee bean bags to embellish the aprons. I'm having so much fun!

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Teddi said...

That's awesome that you have an official family 'hang out'! Love the aprons and I think the gift recipients will too!